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Import itasha 3-16-4

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Shonen jump release One piece, NARUTO newest magazine on line for free

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Shueisha decided to release all mangas that were planed to release on March-14th due to earthquake. They decided that because they couldn't delivery the magazin at the impacted area.
I have never heard such a rare case. Earthquack gave us significant impact but this is that if we have something get from the experience.

Free download from Shonen Jump

All manga you can read for free
 No.531: Reunited team Asuma!
 Story 617: “Sangoke major event in the hills”

 gourmet 133 Komatsu hunt!
 Story 346 Where incentives are Iyan Digi?
Beruze babu
 Babu100 Hunt Beru-bo!!
Sengoku ARMORS
 No.2 Mitsuhide Akechi
 provocative and discussion
Grimm Fairy Tales Ouzi
 Story4 Grimm and elementaly school
 Osaka's next volume
 Story 3 Mind without hesitation
 Story 5 experience
 Story 177 SOLITUDE-(2)
 440. Mute Friendship
 e25. Labyrinth
 No.123 Not forget the original intention
Kuroko basket
  109Q A Long time
Katei kyoshi hitman REBORN!
 Target 329 Complete Awakening
Medaka box
 Story 90 And still you do
Hi Nurari grandchildren hea
First act after another hundred forty six - Subway Girl
Death of nurse
74 Examination of rush!
Ohmagatoki zoo
Black circus story 33

 ナンバー531: 再会、アスマ班!
 第617話: “サンゴヶ丘で大事件”
 グルメ133 小松、捜索!!
 第三百四十六訓 慰安旅行はイヤンどこォ!?
 バブ100 ベル坊を追えっ!!
 第二幕 明智光秀
 124ページ 考察と挑発
 第4話 グリムとしょうがっこう
 第3話 まよわぬ心
 第5話 経験
 第177話 SOLITUDE-(2)
 440. Mute Friendship
 e25. ラビリンス
 第123回 初心忘るべからず
  第109Q 久しぶりだな
 標的329 覚醒完了
 第90箱 「今も昔もそんな君が」
 第百四十六幕 続々・地下鉄の少女
 第74診 突入!!!
 第33話 黒いサーカス
Quote 週刊少年ジャンプを楽しみにしてくださっているみなさまへ from 少年ジャンプ

How to read them is....

Step.1 Download yahoo comic viewer(Free)

Step.2 Click your favorite one
Then, comic viewer ask you approval and approve it and you get view window with pop up.

Quote Shonen JUMP


Quote Shonen JUMP

Quote Shonen JUMP

One piece

Quote Shonen JUMP

Google translate from Yahoo news
Facing a series of weekly number of popular cartoon "Weekly Shonen Jump" to publish a Shueisha, release on March-14th(No. 15) minutes significantly delayed delivery from influence of earthquake on East, "yahoo! Comics"(http: / / /) began using a special free delivery system. Period runs until April 27, browse your computer to install apps read only.

The magazine editorial department at the official site, "To all of you are looking forward to the Weekly Shonen Jump" and posting a comment. They has said Out a significant impact on the delivery of the magazine to arrive from that area, decided that only the distribution of comics as an emergency treatment. "Our whole body, comic artist full power works, if you all bring as many people as possible".

The monthly "rightly" has been selling online bookstore and an electronic version of "" Huzisan magazine, which operates the service, and who subscribe to the paper magazine, electronic version 22 for free shipping Sun began.

Currently, the target is "rightly" as well, "Saizo" time "liberal"monthly magazine and more than a dozen. Through its website, an electronic version can be viewed simultaneously with the release date for the next issue.

"The delivery delays are expected in the national magazine paper shortage and disruption of distribution, you become a subscriber help curb the decline of arrears of pay, " the company. Provided free of charge for the period is "determined in consultation with the company to fit the situation in the future, " trying to



Quote 震災で週刊少年ジャンプ、ネット無料配信 from Yahoo! JAPAN

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There are so many postoponed, stoppe event due to earthquake and tsunami
Japnese itasha Event 2011
Last update; Apr-9th

I want to write the upcoming itasha event in Japan.
I will make some report of them as much as possible.

Feb/11(Fri)  Itai road event! (Shinjuku HOLIDAY)
  Golden week in May Ita road pre event idol live
Feb/11-13(F,S,S) Osaka Auto messe 2011(Intex Osaka) 
  Dress & Chuning motor show
Feb/12(Sat) Pain kite fligt in Shimizu Shizuoka, the 2nd
  (Lighthouse beach front hotel Miho Miho Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City Park)
  Ita kite event by volunteer
Feb/13(Sun) Aichi pop culture festa ""pop cal"
  Morikoropaku Aichi) Itasha Cosplay Exhibit
Feb/13(Sun) Itasha Japan 2011 (OSAKA ATC)
  Itasha exhibit/Cosplay 100 itasha entry
Feb/13(Sun) Himetama Ashikaga tama-chan virthday party at Kadota shrine
Feb/20(Sun) Chara Cos On Time
  (Shizuoka City Shimizu Marine Terminal
  Cosplay, Camaro Exhibition

Feb/20(Sun) Keion! Live(Saitama Super Arena)

Feb/27(Sun) Tsukai ROAD (Saitama circuit 634)
  Film "Tsukai Road"(release is Dec) anniversary event、100 itasha
  Tsukai ROAD pictures report  UP!!

Mar/5(Sat) 6th team itasha racing group driving
  (Supotsuairando Maishima Osaka) travel Gymkhana Association、40 itasha
Mar/5-6(S,S) Nagoya auto trend 2011
  (Port Messe Nagoya) Super meeting held concurrently
Mar/9(Wed) Miku Hatsune live party 2011 "Miku pa"(Zepp Tokyo)
Mar/20(Sun) Ita-G festa 2011 spring (Tokyo odaiba)
  Itasha, cosplay exhibit 1050 itasha
Mar/20(Sun) Niigata itasha fes 01  
  Niigata City Industrial Promotion Center, a / 2)Itasha, cosplay exhibit
Mar/20(Sun) 7th nipponbashi street festa (Osaka nipponbashi) cosplay
Mar/26-27(S,S) Anime contents expo (Makuhari Messe) Itasha?  stop
Mar/27(日) Putit Sugoi 68 Itasha AUTOSALON(Okayama dome)
  150 Itasha, cosplay exhibit Committee fanzine on sale
Mar/27(Sun) FUJISPEEDWAY Motor Sports Dream2011(Fuji Speedway Gotenba)  stop
Mar/E Itasha graphics vol.10 publish

Apr/3(Sun) Mikan tart (Matsuyama City Comprehensive Community Center Exhibition Hall)   Itasha exhibit(15)
Apr/6(Wed) Ita tu 2011   (Shigehara Twin Circuit)Drift, Grip, Drift contest, Itasha dress contest   50 itasha
Apr/B Itasha fes at Akihabara(Akihabara UDX)  Stop
  Itasha exhibit, stage event 100 itasha
Apr/? Hamakita Appraisal group itasha exhibit vl.4 (Hamamatsu city in Sizuoka)  Postopone
  Itasha exhibit, cosplay, racing cource
Apr/? Hatsune graphics 5 Only vocaloido itasha Photo Session, cosplay  Postpone
Apr/10(Sun) Ita-comi Fukuyama Itasha exhibite  NEW!!
Apr/16-17(S,S) Shizuoka auto style 2011 (Twin messe shizuoka)
    Custome car exhibit, itasha graphics booth exhibit  Stop
Apr/17(sun) SAVE JAPAN! support event for east Japan Earthquake
  Akihabara UDX-Parking Itasha exhibit  NEW!!
Apr-24(Sun) Group Driving with only itashas   Kure in Hiroshima Itasha exhibite  NEW!!
Apr/E~GW Manga Summit (TV asahi event space UMU) Itasha exhibit
Apr/30(Sat) Ita moto 2011 Minato-ku bike 7 nagoya-shop Ita Bike only

May/1(Sun) Dream party tokyo spring(Ariake big site)
  Itasha exhibit, cosplay
May/1(Sun)? Outlow-sane 2011 GW (Ariake Passenger Terminal)
  Itasha, cosplay exhibit
May/2-3(M,T) Ita road in FSW (Gotenba city)
  over 1000 Itasha, cosplay, live, cheap delicious Japanese food
May/2-3(M,T) Comic brain in FSW
  Fuji speedway, fun book sele  NEW!!
May/7(Sut) Kyushu itasha conference 6th
  Oita Autopolice  Cosplay, itasha exhibite, group driving  NEW!!
May/14(Sut)  Preta Bari Manga festival  Yubari city
  itasha exhibite  NEW!!
May/14-15(S,S) Moe all festival (Kanagawa Kyodai automobile)
  Itasha exhibite  NEW!!
May/15(Sun) Mobara de itasha3 (Mobara twin circuit)
  Itasha driving, dress contest
May/21(Sat) Chara festa 4 (Shikoku Konpira station)
  Itasha exhibite, coslay  NEW!!
May/22(Sun) Ita G festa 2011 Spring in Odaiba
  1050 itasha exhibite Message for earthquake sacrifice  Changed!!

May/29(Sun) "Ragumi2011" ~And(ry~(Laguna Gamagori)   150 Itasha exhibit, audio
May/29(Sun) Petit great itasha 69 AUTOSALON  NEW!!

Jun/8(Wed) Ita-tsu 2011
  (Shigehara twin circuit)Drift, Grip, Drift contest, Itasha dress contest
Jun/18-19 TOYAKO manga anime festa in Hokkaido   
itasha exhibit

July Moemi 2011?
July Itasha exhibit at Izu(Not confirmed)
Jul/9(Sat)  Yubari Manga festival
  Yubari city, Hokkaido, Hotel Mount resui   Itasha exhibite  NEW!!
Jul/16-17(S,S)  Shizuoka Auto Style 2011(Twin Mess shizuoka)
  Custome car exhibite  Changed!!
Jul/24(Sun)  Big Kyushu Toho festival 4(Fukuoka international center)
  Itasha exhibite, Toho fun made book sale, cosplay  NEW!!
Jul/27(Wed)  Ita-tsu 2011
  (Mobara twin circuit)Drift, Grip, Drift contest, Itasha dress contest
Jul/31(Sun)  Tatebayashi station cosplay & Itasha event
  Gunma Itasha exhibite  NEW!!

Aug/12-13? Outlaw-sane 2011 summer
Aug/12-14(Fri-Sun)  Comic Market80 (Tokyo bigsite)  NEW!!
Aug/21(Sun)  Petit great itasha AUTOSALON(Okayama dome)
  Itasha exhibite  NEW!!

Sep/10(Sun)  Organizing Necessity Illusion(Fujisan Messe)
  Itasha exhibite, Toho fun made book  NEW!!

Oct/5(Wed) Ita-
tsu 2011

  (Mobara twin circuit)Drift, Grip, Drift contest, Itasha dress contest
Oct?  Dream party 2011 Autumn
Oct?  Outlaw sane 2011 Autumn

Nov/5-6(S,S)  Big Kyushu Toho festival 5(Kitakyushu city west Japan exhibition site)
Nov/27(Sun)  Petit great itasha 71 AUTOSALON(Okayama dome)
  Itasha exhibite  NEW!!

Dec/21(Wed) Ita-tsu 2011   (Shigehara twin circuit)Drift, Grip, Drift contest, Itasha dress contest
Dec/E  Outlaw sane 2011 Winterあうとさろーね2011冬

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Itasha seems to be more popular in Shizuoka than Akihabara actually.

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