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Import itasha 3-16-4

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If you can read/write Japanese...

You can get much more minor information from Japanese otaku site.

English search with "How to make itasha" mostly give several pages all from this blog.

How to make itasha

On the other hand, Japanese search give

you many valueable information from various professional site.

痛車 作り方

It is same for search for "Miku Hatsune itasha"

English search
Miku Hatsune Itasha

Japanese search

Gas cap sticker too

English search
Oil Cap sticker

Japanese search
給油口 痛 ステッカー

You can also understand the each news of Miku Hatsune Super GT
Sakura translate-Miku Hatsune Super GT news
Miku Hatsune 2012 team member news

You can find itasha sticker company, not my blog if search in Japanse
1 itasha sticker company
2 itasha sticker company

you can make your original copy & logo for your sticker with Kanji
Japanese Kanji design

You can have hot time with Japanese otaku in Japanese forum
Japanese forum
Talk about persona itasha!




Japanese is too difficult to learn after growen up

I understand.

English was like that when I started studying it.
I think Japanese is much more difficult because of too many Kanji.


Sakura start translation service

For sure, there is already translation service.

But my service is completely different.

What is differrent?

I can translate some technology material because I'm engineer.
I also know how to search Japanese site especially about itasha information.
I know Japanese otaku word, not only academic because I'm Japanese native.
So, I can give you different translation from non native translator. For sure, it is completely better than Google translate

For example, if I translate the Miku Hatsune Super GT news in below...

Japanese Original

Racing miku news

Racing miku news 2

そうです、ゼッケン「0」には谷口信輝選手と片岡龍也選手がタッグを組んでのドライブです。片岡選手は昨年、スーパーGT500でウェッズスポーツのレクサスsc430で出場し表彰台にも上っていますし、スーパー耐久ではペトロナスのBMW Z4Mで毎戦必ず表彰台という恐ろしい実績の持ち主。本気で勝ちを狙いに行く、ある意味「おとなげない」人選は谷口選手からのラブコールで実現しました。

Google translate

Kataoka why players here?
Yes, the car number "0" is the drive of players teamed up with the players and Tatsuya Kataoka Nobuteru Taniguchi. Kataoka player last year, I have played up to the podium of a Lexus sc430 Weds Sport is the super-GT500, owner of Super endurance performance in that terrible war every podium is always the Petronas BMW Z4M. Really going to aim to win, appointment "childish" has been realized in a certain sense of love calls from Taniguchi.

Sakura translate

Why driver Kataoka is here?
Yes, Nobuteru Taniguchi and Tatsuya kataoka will drive machine "No.0" as team. Kataoka won podium with weds sports Lexus sc430 in Super GT 500 series last year. Also have gotten podium with Petronas BMW Z4M in all race of Super Endurance series.
This tag started from Love call from Taniguchi. We can say this is "Childish" action to get No.1 position so strongly in some meaning.

And if I translate the Japanese otaku comment about Miku itasha accident

Miku Hatsune Itasha accident

1 名前: ホッチキス(愛知県)[] 投稿日:2010/01/02(土) 13:28:27.99 ID:zdpt5Erg● ?BRZ(10000)
公用車全損事故 - 大宇宙拡大大帝国建国記録 (Episode of BLACKEye Empire)




14 名前: 包丁(東京都)[sage] 投稿日:2010/01/02(土) 13:29:46.03 ID:2Q7YB1OY

See Miku itasha accident to read all Japanese original news

Google translate

Hotchkiss (Aichi) [] Posted on: 1 Name: (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:28:27.99 ID:? Zdpt5Erg ● BRZ (10000)
Official car accident total loss - the founding recording empire expanding universe (Episode of BLACKEye Empire)

Accident report
06 minutes at 21 December 31, 2009: date and time of occurrence
No. 482 national highway downhill Location:
Damage (1.6 million yen price) official car total loss, the operation shall, intact.
The train driver responsibilities:

Impact of the accident

A. Police jurisdiction
• Since there was a question of when the accident rushed to the train driver, cop, and "! I'll Miku is," answered "Kagami ~Tsu phrase (crisp" and.
On top of such operation, from police officers rushed, received a question several points about the "pain car" so-called.
On top of such operation, the effect was reportedly took part in the Comic Market was held last year in winter,
And that the police officers who responded rushed "and wanted to go."

(Tokyo) [sage] Posted knife: (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:29:46.03 ID: 2Q7YB1OY name 14
Do not be a hot chest

Tweezers (Fukuoka) [] Posted on: Name: 21 (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:30:48.58 ID: pfKPRbD4
1 >>
I think it'll be Yasushi This is because it treats the other neta on a grand scale

(Shizuoka) [] Posted on fishing rod: (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:31:56.54 ID: + DmJgFlb name 45
Only and can not say I was good and be neta early New Year

(Kanagawa) [] Posted on frame: (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:34:17.16 ID: bMQEnLyN name 70

What I have from my neta
Not a tough guy

Collar (Saitama) [] Posted on: 13 Name: (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:29:43.10 ID: t7xVraB3
Funny pathetic feeling of the first piece is amazing

(Tochigi Prefecture) [sage] Posted thumbtack: (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:32:46.58 ID: I6zb4ChI name 52
Wwww Kusowarota the first shot, I'm sorry

Nipper (Hiroshima Prefecture) posted Sun [sage]:: Name 90 (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:37:29.41 ID: RrVpWiTB
1 >>
While the first piece Warota unscrupulous

Opener (catv?) [] Posted on: 38 Name: (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:31:37.73 ID: FA3ZyR4I
not impressive how intact mirror
This guy seems to have defended
in the mirror

(Tenement) [] Posted on even balance: (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:31:32.31 ID: aljbAIp4 name 36

Policeman "I'll Miku is!"
W cop OTA
This country already told ya

Light box (Aichi) posted Sun [sage]:: Name 108 (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:39:28.11 ID: YdFtm7C3

Blew in support of police
What these guys wwwwwwwww

Pastel (Niigata) [] Posted on: Name: 201 (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:53:09.56 ID: BM42GRpJ
Person concerned would not much ashamed

(Saitama) [] Posted ruler: (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:54:50.62 ID: ACQ7WnOU name 208
201 >>
Is not that right sky.
Resolution has been completed at the time of passenger car that produces the pain.

Graduated cylinder (Fukuoka) posted Sun [sage]:: 209 Name (Sat) 2010/01/02 13:54:59.27 ID: wfz0VHVG
201 >>
I would
Have crossed the line at the time of pain riding in the car
Exposed in an accident? What I would now

Sakura's translation

1 stapler(Aichi)[] 13:28:27.99 ID:zdpt5Erg● ?BRZ(10000)
Official car total loss accident - Episode of BLACKEye Empire

Accident Record
Date:2009, Dec, 31, 21:06 PM
Where:Root 482 downslope
Damage:Total loss of official car (Price; 1600,000 JPY), No damage for such driver
Responsibility:Such driver

Infuluence of the accident

1. Responsible police
・Such driver answered "This is Kagamikku (With a clear expression on his face) to the question from police, "This is Miku, isn't it ?"
・Some questions were asked to such driver about ITASHA
・Police commented "I wanted to go" to the information that Such driver went to comic market 2009 winter.

14 kitchen knife(Tokyo)[sage] 2010/01/02 13:29:46.03 ID:2Q7YB1OY
I'm feeling real inspiration now

21 pincette(Fukuoka)[] 13:30:48.58 ID:pfKPRbD4
I think braking up for this news is only kindness to him.

45 Fishing rod (shizuoka)[] 2010/01/02 13:31:56.54 ID:+DmJgFlb
Only comment I can give him is "This is lucky for you to get such a big story at the very beginnig of new year"

70 Frame(Kanagawa)[] 2010/01/02 13:34:17.16 ID:bMQEnLyN
He is tough enough to be self-mockery

13 Eri 2010/01/02(土) 13:29:43.10 ID:t7xVraB3
BS for despair of the first picture

52 thumbtacks(Tochigi)[sage] 2010/01/02 13:32:46.58 ID:I6zb4ChI
I must say sorry for my lol for the 1st pic

90 Nibba(Hiroshima)[sage] 2010/01/02() 13:37:29.41 ID:RrVpWiTB
Knowing that it sound imprudent, I couldn't stop to lough for the 1st pic.

38 Opener(catv?)[] 2010/01/02(土) 13:31:37.73 ID:FA3ZyR4I
It is great that Kagamikku didn't have any damage
He protected her

36 名前: scale balance 2010/01/02(土) 13:31:32.31 ID:aljbAIp4

Police; This is Miku, isn't this?
Otaku police lol
I can't love this country any more,,,,

108 Light box(Aichi)[sage] 2010/01/02(土) 13:39:28.11 ID:YdFtm7C3

I was gonna squirting milk for police's comment
What kind of police is this lol

201 Pastel(Niigata)[] 2010/01/02(土) 13:53:09.56 ID:BM42GRpJ
I think driver didn't feel big shame

208 Scale (Saitama)[] 2010/01/02(土) 13:54:50.62 ID:ACQ7WnOU
I agree with you.
He was ready when he decided to make and drive itasha.

209 measuring cylinder(Fukuoka)[sage] 2010/01/02(土) 13:54:59.27 ID:wfz0VHVG
He exceed some boundary by being itasha owner
Making an exhibition of himself by traffic accident?
He would say "What are you talking about ?"

Your word list is ok to added. You can learn many otaku word as same as Japanese native spoken style(Option, 50% up)


Official (itasha) car

With a clear expression on his face

Such driver

I'm feeling real inspiration

Get question

kitchen knife



Breaking up

易しさ→優しさ(miss spel)

fishing rod

very beginnig of new year

Get big story



Tough guy




lough lough


Knowing that it sound imprudent


No damage



scale balance

Otaku police lol

Any more

I don't like, I give up

squirt ~ through [out of] one's nose

What kind of man is this

Does not feel big shame


I agree with you

was ready


measuring cylinder

I agree

exceed some boundary

make an exhibition of oneself by doing

What are you talking about ?

Don't you change your world with me ?

If you have any interests, please contact me from Sakura translation.

I set the most friendly fee

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May/22(Sun) Ita G festa 2011 Spring in Odaiba
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May/29(Sun) "Ragumi2011" ~And(ry~(Laguna Gamagori)   150 Itasha exhibit, audio
May/29(Sun) Petit great itasha 69 AUTOSALON  NEW!!

Jun/8(Wed) Ita-tsu 2011
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Jun/18-19 TOYAKO manga anime festa in Hokkaido   
itasha exhibit

July Moemi 2011?
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Jul/9(Sat)  Yubari Manga festival
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Sep/10(Sun)  Organizing Necessity Illusion(Fujisan Messe)
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Oct/5(Wed) Ita-
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Oct?  Dream party 2011 Autumn
Oct?  Outlaw sane 2011 Autumn

Nov/5-6(S,S)  Big Kyushu Toho festival 5(Kitakyushu city west Japan exhibition site)
Nov/27(Sun)  Petit great itasha 71 AUTOSALON(Okayama dome)
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Dec/21(Wed) Ita-tsu 2011   (Shigehara twin circuit)Drift, Grip, Drift contest, Itasha dress contest
Dec/E  Outlaw sane 2011 Winterあうとさろーね2011冬

Reference from http://vc.tomoyo.jp/

Itasha seems to be more popular in Shizuoka than Akihabara actually.

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