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Import itasha 3-16-4

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What is itai(痛い) for itasha or Otaku?

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As you know, Itasha can be devided to "Ita" and "sha".
And "Ita"= 痛 = pain, "sha"= 車 =car
Then, if we translate it very direct, Itasha is pain car.

But when we use "Itai" for Otaku or itasha, it has more meaning except pain.
I believe it would mean "something/someone to make the others unconfortable(painful) feeling" simply.
But there is more nuance I can't express with this word.

But I found very interesting thread.
This is the thread that Japanese discussed how to express "itai" in English.

I translated japanese comment with Blue color


No.8 (Best answer) mabomk

I considered many cases....And this is the final answer.

He makes me feel guilty of his poor saying

make oneself feel frustrated

make oneself feel flat

make oneself feel uneasy

make oneself feel perplexed (**)

make oneself feel cheap (*)

make oneself feel choked (*)
make oneself feel clumsy (***)
make oneself feel uncomfortable (***) 
make oneself feel dispirited (***)

(***)...would be very close

From encourage → spirit
discourage → dispirit
discouraging → dispiriting person 

How about this answer? Sir, please say yes even though you still have complaint. Thank you for your understanding.

Modification at the last. Regarding the answer No.4

pitty.....typo would be better「pitty→pitiful」

No.6 mabomk

I'm answer No.4 and 5. Sorry for many response. I breakthroughed the another answer from your response to answer Np.1 "I'm not quite sure the meaning but believe it is from Katahara-ga-itai. In the other word, we say "itai" when we feel like running away or feel sort of awkward when we see the person. And we say "itai someone" to express the person like that.


85% right. But the rest 15% is difficult to express....then...how about that? 90% right?

embarrassing yet pathetic

Please be satisfied with that! Local governor!!

No.5 mabomk

I'm answer No.4

It is not easy word to express "itai person" with one or two phrase. Then please refer the phrase below to think about it. You would slso have the another way to ask some native English speaker "How do you express the person like that in English"?

out of fashion/outdated

be ignorant of oneself

insensitive ignorance


insensitively illiterate embarrassing guy

can not read the atmosphere

spoil the atmosphere

create the soil-the-whole-atmosphere mood

create the aura of embarrassment around oneself

No.4 mabomk

Generally, we say "itai person" about whom "make someone feel ashamed without expectation. Then, 65% would be right with "embarrass" -> "embarassing". And the rest 35% would be " he dressed very out of vogue. Does he really think it trend? He is itai". This can't be expressed with only pitty.

・My father embarrasses me when I introduce him to my friends.

No.3 noname

It is also new for me that "itai" has another meaning except pain.
In conclusion, does it mean "lame-ass, pain-in-the-ass, annoying" ?
If so, we often use
It is used like Disgusting ! or Disgusting my boss ! 

No.2 Reffy
The best idea can't come up to me soon. If we think the person who have itasha as ashamed. It would be "Shameless" . If it indicate the person who can't feel mood and give the other people uncomfortable feeling, it would be "nuisance". Or if it indicate cool person who persist his/her opinion without having influence from others, It would be "Mania"

No.1 DIooggoo

>Itai hito
What is the meaning of them in Japanese? I can't translate it because I don't know the word.

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